Advanced Mortgage Calculator

Enter the mortgage amount, interest rate, length, home value and more to get an advanced, in-depth financial analysis on the mortgage.

Age Calculator

Calculate age (in years) when you enter their date of birth,

BMI Calculator

Everyone wants answers about their health. Should they lose weight? Should they seek professional help? What steps should they take to look and feel better? The BMI calculator provides you with a snapshot of you Body Mass Index (BMI) instantly.

Car Payment Calculator

While purchasing a car with a loan, the buyer wants to know the total interest to be paid. Formidable Forms makes it simple with the Car Payment Calculator.

Compound Interest Calculator

Calculate the total compound interest you would earn/owe on an investment or loan. Also see the total amount of interest as well as principal, including any additional deposits/loans, compounded over a period of your selection.

Daily Calorie Intake Calculator

Find the daily calorie intake required for you in your individual situation, based on calculating your BMR (Basal metabolic rate) and scaled by your activity level.

Deadline Calculator

Calculate deadlines in seconds. Add or subtract days from a date to calculate a new date.

Debt to Income Ratio Calculator

he debt to income ratio calculator is for every person who has any kind of loan, including a mortgage. It will tell you how in debt you are and whether you can afford another loan

Final Grade Calculator

Calculate the grade needed on an exam to get the desired final score. Use for educators, tutors, and education experts.

High School Grade Calculator

A quick and easy form that can calculate a GPA in a matter of moments.

Length Conversion Calculator

From metric to imperial, imperial to imperial, imperial to metric, or metric to metric, choose a unit and a target and convert.

Life Insurance Calculator

How much life insurance do you need? Based on your answers to the questions in this form, you'll be provided with an estimate of how much life insurance coverage would be best for your situation.

Paycheck Calculator

Find out your salary, daily, weekly and monthly wages based on your hourly rate, or vice versa.

Percentage Calculator

Find a specified percentage of an entered number.

ROI Calculator

Use the ROI (return on investment) calculator to estimate the profit or loss on an investment. ROI is computed as a simple percentage

Savings and Investment Calculator

This calculator tool helps estimate how much profit an investment or savings account will yield. It takes into account a fixed interest rate, a monthly contribution, and the duration of the investment.

Simple Mortgage Calculator

can estimate monthly payment amounts. With three basic values they can quickly answer the question that every home-buyer and real estate investor wants to know. "How much house/property can I really afford? Bottom line, what are the numbers?"

Tip Calculator

Whether splitting the bill or paying alone, use this calculator to find how much to tip.

Amortization Calculator

See the money-saving effects of paying additional principal on your loan each month. This calculator lets you calculate your monthly payments. It also determines out how much of your payments will go towards the principal and how much will go towards interest.
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